Frequently Asked Questions

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Not exactly! Water leaks can happen due to metal flashings being loose or by damaged sections on the roof, which is fixable and straight forward; however, a complete roof system failure is generally irreversible, this can happen as a result of a bad installation or by the use of low quality materials and sometimes by the wrong roof system for the home or building. .

Most new roof systems are intended to give you at least 20 years of useful life but it varies depending on the type of roof chosen, for example, slate, clay and copper systems will last a lot longer.

A useful life of a roof system is determined by many factors, including weather conditions, proper building and design, quality of materials used, proper application and reasonable maintenance.

Most manufacturers of roofing materials provide a variety of warranties on their items. You should take a look at those warranties to see what responsibilities and monetary commitments the makers of roofing materials will assume if their products fail to achieve their expected life.

The time it takes to install a brand new roof greatly depends on several factors:

  • the size of your roof
  • the structural condition
  • the type of shingle we'll be using

We will always give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete the job before we begin.

If your gutters and downspouts are in good shape, we will work around them. To avoid damaging them, we don’t remove and reinstall them once your roof is complete. If your gutters are in bad shape this is the perfect time to have them replaced as well, Equality Roofing can also install seamless gutters and downspouts.

Some simple and necessary steps are needed in order to keep your roof in good shape, this includes keeping it clean of excess debris, leaves and branches that accumulate over time, replace damaged or lost shingles immediately and also keep your gutters clean and downspouts clog-free.